As weird as it may sound, this page title “do you know art?!” came from a freakish evening is DHS -Desert Hot Springs CA. I was taking a picture of the old burned out Riviera Spa & Motel in DHS. It was a cold and bleak sunset, the light was perfect and I had just a few minutes to get the sun in just the right position in the western sky. When out of nowhere, two women stepped into my camera frame. I motioned for them to move on, but instead they walked over to me. The youngest of the two, looked at me and tipped her head coquettishly  to the right and said, “Uhhh ….Do you know …. art?” Not wanting to sound pompous I simply said, “No, I just want to take a picture. But, thanks for asking.” She took a step back and looked at me like I was a freak and said, “No, not that ART…. ART… the hotel manager…”
That encounter changed the way I think. No longer do I just take everything I see at face value. And as I have found, there are many answers to the question “Do You Know Art"?” … and all of them are right!

And, that brings us to the contact panel….
While most websites have their contact panel on the last page. I have placed mine at the beginning, that way, if you are interested in finding out the when, where, and why of my artistic endeavors, and before you get distracted, you can fill-out the form below and be done with it. Now ask yourself…”Do you know art?”

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